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      POSITION:HOMEspecially Orient rhyme
      Of four special Oriental rhyme Yayun
      Time:2012-09-07  Posted By:The Pingxiang City Thiel Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Attention: 3737

          Ya from the East, the charm is very
          Everyone has the ability to create their own extraordinary in Datong world to create their own big different.
          Ya from the East, very charm. Legend of Eastern civilization, every word throb of my heart. Whether poetic talent Shih Wen-opera painting, I have a different interpretation of.
          Uphold the to Tiangong ancient brewing process is like the four special Oriental rhyme Yayun, brewing from the essence of the national protected areas the premium Kongmy unprocessed, to adopt the Danxia ancient wine cellar rhyme I wind, a few years Chen possession, and eventually became still goods preferred the quality of the wine, adding to highlight the finest traditional Chinese antiquity fine porcelain, elegant fragrance, so oriental charm flowing between the cup tasting, my world, so different kind.

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